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Plenitude 3
Plenitude 3

Gene Keys

The Gene Keys are the 64 aspects of our genetic code. These teachings give a new dimension to the Human Design System. They were received by Richard Rudd, an English teacher, mystic and poet, author of the Gene Keys Book and the Golden Path Program.

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The contemplation of Gene Keys is an easy but powerful practice to harmonize our genetic system. It will produce profound changes in our lives, allowing us to release our tensions and blockages, to open our heart and to awaken to our true nature.

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Experience of Life

The work on the Gene Keys is very different from the Human Design. It is no more an intellectual understanding of the way our personality functions, it is an experience. By contemplating the words of the Spectrum of Consciousness, we start to experience what the Gene Keys and their different Levels of Consciousness really mean to us.

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Levels of Consciousness

The Level of Consciousness is probably the most important notion of the Gene Keys teaching. It is thanks to this notion that the genius of Richard Rudd was able to give a new vertical and dynamic dimension to the horizontal and static structure of Human Design System. Raising its level of consciousness is certainly the best chance humanity has to get out of the torments of the shadow and to rise toward the light.

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My intention is to offer those who haven’t met yet Richard Rudd’s teaching a simple experience of the Gene Keys through contemplation.

The idea of this site emerged during the first sessions of the Chiang Mai Gene Keys Group, when I felt the need to give to the participants (mostly young people traveling in Asia) a résumé of the few basics that I had shared during the meetings to help them to continue their contemplation of the Gene Keys after leaving Chiang Mai.

The short sentences that accompany the words of the Spectrum of Consciousness and the keywords of the Golden Path Lines reflect my own understanding of these terms. They are probably not all in agreement with Richard Rudd’s meaning and would in no way replace the reading of the Gene Keys Book and the participation in the Golden Path Program, essential steps for any serious student of the Gene Keys.

I am not part of the Gene Keys organization, but I have studied and practiced with passion for over ten years the teachings of Richard Rudd. 

This website reflects my personal understanding of these teachings. It is intended to help the reader who is not familiar with the Gene Keys to grasp their basic principles, but it does not claim to be a reliable reference for a deep understanding of them. If the merit of all clear and accurate explanations goes solely to the wisdom and erudition of my teachers – in particular to Richard Rudd – all erroneous or confused notions and interpretations are only due to my own ignorance.

The pictures on this website are paintings by Pierre Wittmann on the theme of Plenitude.

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